High Flood Insurance Premium?

We know how to help. Our Flood Risk Evaluator will show you reasonable steps to lower your insurance premium.

"Our premium went from $2,357 a year to $458 a year. Huge savings!”
—Jeanette Richards, Homeowner

The Wagners Saved 84%

Meet The Wagners in this Best Practice Story and see how they were able to reduce their flood insurance by working with the Flood Risk Evaluator team.

What is the Flood Risk Evaluator?

Here at F.R.E. our goal is to help you to lower your NFIP Flood Insurance Premium. Our educated staff of Certified Floodplain Managers are knowledgeable on all the latest NFIP changes that are affecting your policy such as the Biggert-Waters Act (BW-12) and the Grimm-Waters Act (Homeowners Flood Insurance Affordability Act).

Our patented Flood Risk Evaluator Service will provide:

NFIP Policy Review

Audit of the current flood insurance policy to expose any mistakes that may have been made when your policy was initially written that may be causing you to pay more than needed. Ways to change the flood zone designation for your property and your eligibility to eliminate your requirement to pay for flood insurance. Review eligibility requirements of the various flood insurance sets of rates and see if you qualify.

Available Mitigation Steps

Ways to mitigate your home or building to reduce the cost of flood insurance.

No Obligation Flood Insurance Quotes

Provide a complete F.R.E. Flood Risk Report enclosed with a flood insurance quote that you can expect to pay if our advice is taken.